Rx Tracker

RxtrackericonRx Tracker is a free medication management app that reminds you when to take your medications, when to reorder prescriptions from the pharmacy and when to renew prescriptions from your doctor. Rx Tracker supports complicated medication regimes securely and privately. Record missed dosages and schedule weekly or monthly pills
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Roasted not Toasted

Roastedicon144Roasted not Toasted is a free kitchen timer app that calculates meat cooking times using weight, oven temperature and meat temperature variables.

Don’t overcook or undercook the holiday turkey or roast again.

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CircleCalc Calculator

CircleCalc 3.01 is a calculator that can track the performance of your favorite stocks
New Features: Stock Cells with Streaming Quotes, Portfolio Tracking, Gain and Loss.
Create stock watch lists and perform calculations with real-time data from Yahoo! Finance.
CircleCalc has all the basic arithmetic functions, parentheses, percent, exponent, sum and mean keys.
Easy to use calculator interface lets you create your own formula cells. Numbers can be viewed
in scientific notation and be converted to hexadecimal or octal systems. Organize calculations and market portfolios with the table function. Email tables from the calculator with .csv and html options.
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Slideshow of sample portfolio created in CircleCalc 3.01

Featured Video: CircleCalc Equity Cell and Portfolio Tracking

CircleCalc Calculator for Android

CircleCalc has a version for Android. Colorful and easy to use calculator. 
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ASnapNo Root Screenshot App for Android

ASnap is the Android screenshot app that works on all un-rooted Android devices.

ASnap takes a screenshot of your Android phone or tablet without rooting the device.
Now there is no need to waste time searching for the right driver and downloading other software to
your PC or MAC for an Android screenshot.
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